I read comics. So should you.

Meet the Author


Hi there! I’m Jared. Very nice to meet you.

This is my comic book blog. I’ll be using it to do reviews (my tastes skew towards the new and unusual, so just know that I won’t be covering a ton of big two superhero material), talk shop, bounce around ideas, and (most importantly) chronicle my journey from lapsed creative person to full-time creative person with a published work to his name. I’m jumping into the world of comics with very little knowledge of the inner workings, and I thought it would be insightful and (hopefully) helpful to share those experiences with anyone who also wants to break in. Feedback and dialogue is appreciated and most welcome. Just don’t be a dickhead. We cool? Cool.

Want to check out my fancypants drawrings? Head on over to my Instagram.

And why the hell not, I’ll shill for my shop, The Portal Comics and Gaming. You can see what we’re up to right here.


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